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Finite4SoS "Finite Time Control and Estimation for System of Systems" (ANR 15 CE23 0007) is a project funded by The French National Research Agency (ANR). The start of the project is October 2015 for a duration of 4 years.

Systems of Systems (SoS) are composed with interconnected dynamical subsystems with communication facilities, the natures of which lead to different mathematical models: ordinary differential equations, differential inclusions, time delay systems, partial differential equations. Information technology revolution has become a reality together with its new challenges. One of them being the need to manage such SoS with communication facilities, while requiring the best achievable performances. Finite4SoS aims at developing a new promising framework to address control and estimation issues of SoS subject to this model diversity, while achieving robustness as well as severe time response constraints. The key ingredients are: finite-time concepts, which will help in managing severe time constraints; homogeneity and time-varying feedback, which are the main tools for achieving the finite-time property for both convergence and input-to-state stability for each class of system. These concepts will help for both cascade and feedback connections (feedback homogenization will preserve the finite-time property).

Project Coordinator

Wilfrid Perruquetti

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